We organize exclusive tours to Iceland
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our tours
Our goal is to show the most iconic places and let you feel all the elements of nature - earth, water, fire and air
Everything is organized and planned to the minute, just sit back, relax and enjoy an unforgettable adventure on the island of Iceland
Our guides are part of our family. They know the route from the inside-out. We carefully select them, paying attention to their knowledge, passion and personality
Certified guides
Our tours pass through the unique places of Iceland. You definitely have never seen such a variety of natural phenomena: geysers, glaciers, beaches with black volcanic sand, lagoons, waterfalls. And this is just a small spoiler of what awaits you here!
Hidden attractions
It is in Iceland that you will feel its greatness and beauty and makes sure that nature is the most perfect creator!
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tour options
private tours
Exclusive group tours
Each program is compiled individually, taking into account the requests of guests, their interests and priorities while visiting the island
Provide a great opportunity to connect with other travelers and share amazing travel moments in the company of a group of like-minded people
One day trips
Such excursions are suitable for those who have limited time, but still want to get a rich experience of the natural beauties of Iceland
Our main goal is to make every step of your journey easy, enjoyable and carefree
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About our company
WeTravel's mission is to create unique and exciting tours so that travelers can experience unforgettable adventures in Iceland. We pay special attention to quality and comfort, providing personalized private tours to suit the interests and preferences of each client
WeTravel works with experienced guides and local experts who know Iceland like the back of their hand to provide interesting and informative stories about local history, culture and nature
With a focus on the safety and comfort of our clients, we strive to make every trip in Iceland an unforgettable and exciting experience
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Let yourself see Iceland in all its beauty and diversity with WeTravel
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