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About Our Company

We organize custom tours in Iceland, and our goal is to showcase the most iconic places and allow you to experience all the elements of nature - earth, water, fire, and air.
In Iceland, you will truly feel its greatness and beauty, and you will also be convinced that nature is the most perfect creator!
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What Sets Us Apart
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Crafting Unique and Thrilling Tours for Travelers to Experience Unforgettable Adventures in Iceland. We Prioritize Quality and Comfort, Providing Personalized Private Tours to Cater to the Interests and Preferences of Each Client.
We prioritize the safety and comfort of our clients. Our aim is to make every journey through Iceland unforgettable, exciting, and as safe as possible.
"WeTravel" collaborates with experienced guides and local experts who know Iceland like the back of their hand, providing engaging and informative narratives about local history, culture, and nature."

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Founders of the company
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My name is Vlada and I’m one of co-founder of WeTravel
Overall I been in Iceland more than 4 years.
My experience by working as a tour guide for an existing company in Iceland and my skills helped me to building a network in the industry.
With dedication, knowledge, and a passion for Iceland, I achieved my dream of becoming a successful tour guide and opening my own tour company in this stunning country together with Mykhailo we are proud to announce our project WeTravel

Info about me:
  • Passion for Iceland: I likely had a deep love and fascination for Iceland's natural beauty, culture, and history, which sparked my interest in becoming a tour guide here.
  • Education and Training: I have pursued relevant courses or certifications in tourism, geography, or related fields to gain knowledge about Iceland's geography, history, and tourism industry
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Let yourself see Iceland in all its beauty and diversity with WeTravel
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